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Western Ex
pansion (I-76)
Opened in 1951


M.P. 2.0 1 Gateway (barrier toll) Continues west as the Ohio Turnpike
10 1A New Castle (Turnpike 60) Connection to James E. Ross Highway
13 2 Beaver Valley (PA 18)
28 3 Cranberry (US 19/I-79)
M.P. 30.0 Warrendale (barrier toll)
39 4 Butler Valley (PA 8)
48 5 Allegheny Valley (PA 28)
57 6 Pittsburgh (I-376/US 22)

Original Turnpike
(I-70, I-76)
Opened in
67 7 Irwin (US 30) Original exit 1
75 8 New Stanton (I-70 west/
US 119/Turnpike 66)
Original exit 2
Connection to
Amos K. Hutchinson Bypass
91 9 Donegal (PA 711) Original exit 3

Laurel Hill Tunnel

Quemahoning Tunnel
(never used)

The Quemahoning Tunnel was constructed for use on the South Pennsylvania Railroad.
The tunnel is located in Somerset County.  The tunnel entrance is actually quite close to the current Pennsylvania Turnpike.  It is located near mile marker 106.3, so you won't need a compass or a GPS to find it. Although it was briefly used as a railroad tunnel, it was bypassed by the Turnpike Commission while building the turnpike.  The Quemahoning Tunnel was never used by automobiles.  



Somerset (US 219)

Original exit 4

Negro Mountain Tunnel
(never used)

The Negro Mountain Tunnel is located near mile marker 116.7.

Allegheny Tunnel

(still in use)



Bedford (I-99/US 220)

Original exit 5

Clear Ridge Tunnel
(not planned for the railroad; planned for the turnpike
but  built instead as a cut through Clear Ridge)



Breezewood (I-70 east to US 30)

Original exit 6

Ray's Hill Tunnel

Sideling Hill Tunnel



Fort Littleton (US 522)

Original exit 7

Tuscarora Mountain Tunnel
(still in use)



Willow Hill (PA 75)

Original exit 8

Kittatinny Mountain Tunnel
(still in use)

Blue Mountain Tunnel
(still in use)

201 15 Blue Mountain (PA 997) Original exit 9
Carlisle Original exit 10 and east end barrier toll;
no eastbound on-ramp; closed 1950
226 16 Carlisle (I-81/US 11) Original exit 11 (called Middlesex)
236 17 Gettysburg Pike (US 15)
242 18 Harrisburg West (I-83)
247 19 Harrisburg East (I-283/PA 283)
266 20 Lebanon-Lancaster (PA 72)
286 21 Reading (US 222)
298 22 Morgantown (I-176/PA 10)
312 23 Downingtown (PA 10)
326 24 Valley Forge (I-76 east
to I-476/US 202)
333 25 Norristown
20 25A Mid-County (I-476) Connection to the Northeast Extension
339 26 Fort Washington (PA 309)
340 Virginia Drive Slip Ramp E-ZPass only; westbound off-ramp and on-ramp only
343 27 Willow Grove (PA 611)
351 28 Philadelphia (US 1)
358 29 Delaware Valley (US 13)
359 30 Delaware River Bridge (barrier toll) Continues east as a branch of
the New Jersey Turnpike

Northeast Extension
Opened in 1957


31 31 Lansdale (PA 63)
43 32 Quakertown (PA 663)
59 33 Lehigh Valley (U.S.  22) Connects with Interstate 78

Lehigh Tunnel
(still in use, twinned with a second tunnel in 1989)

71 34 Mahoning Valley (U.S. 206)
95 35 Pocono (PA 940) Connects with Interstate 80 to Delaware Water Gap
104 36 Wilkes-Barre (PA 115) Connects with Interstate 78
Wyoming Valley Toll Plaza (barrier toll) Begin all-cash collection


Wyoming Valley (PA 315) Connects with Interstate 81
M.P. 122.1 Keyser Avenue Toll Plaza (barrier toll)


Keyser Avenue
M.P. 130.7 Clark's Summit Toll Plaza (barrier toll)


Clark's Summit (Interstate 81) Original Exit 38. Known as Scranton
before the opening of Keyser Avenue

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