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Month of December 2005 ...  Wishing you and your families a Merry Christmas or whichever holiday you may celebrate at this time of year.  I am taking the month off from working on the website.  I am looking forward to the coming year and to updating this website with a lot of new pictures and information.  See you in 2006!

Month of November 2005 ...  I found a mistake on my "links" buttons on the bottom of the tunnel statistics pages.  They were linking to another portion of my website that we use for my local Christian band.  Minor mistake there -- corrected as of November 28th. 

FAQ page updated 11/16/05.

Month of October 2005 ...  I am taking a few weeks off from the website ... updates will resume in November.  I continue to be amazed and most thankful for all of the authors, historians, visitors to the abandoned turnpike areas, story tellers and photographers who have been sharing their stories and information with me for both this website and my personal curiosity. 
Thank you all very much! 

Week of October 4, 2005 ...  after a few weeks away, I have returned ... updates this month include: 

  • Clear Ridge Tunnel (Clear Ridge Cut) page has been added - they forgot to built it  :)
  • Minor updates have begun on pages that have been up since this website was started
  • Minor typos and factual updates are starting to be fixed
  • The Laurel Hill Tunnel mystery has some more facts unfolding
  • Speculation on LHT usage is proving potentially accurate
  • Be sure to visit a new website that recently appeared:
  • Please keep sending me your turnpike stories -- the page is growing -- thank you!
  • Hit/visitor counter is over 900 as of this week, website is just four months old

Week of September 5, 2005 ...  I am on vacation for two weeks ... but not before posting the Ray's Hill Tunnel and Sideling Hill Tunnel statistics pages.  I will no doubt make modifications to them as time goes by.   The Turnpike Stories page is now posted.  If you have a story to tell about visiting any of the tunnels or exploring the old roadway, please email our site at:  var name = "turnpike-stories";var domain = "";document.write('');document.write("Turnpike Stories" + '');">.  Also posted this week:  Laurel Ridge hiking trail (crosses over the tunnel and the bypass route).

Week of August 25, 2005 ...  Laurel Hill Statistics page has been updated.  More neat and useful information has been sent to me.  NOTE:  I have found it necessary to update the resolution on this website to 1024x768, so if your resolution is set lower (such as 800x600), the pages will look different and possibly unorganized.  I use FrontPage extensions on the server, so Microsoft Internet Explorer is your best bet for viewing the page although others, including Netscape, will work. 

Week of August 17, 2005 ...  thanks to two very reliable sources, more information has been received about the Laurel Hill Tunnel.  See the "Recent Pictures" section under "Laurel Hill Tunnel" link.  You'll be surprised at how different the eastern portal looks today.  Thanks to another source, some additional facts about LHT have been updated and included on the statistics page.  Updates to the Sideling Hill pages, including statistics are in the works and will uploaded during the upcoming week.  My "Turnpike Stories" pages are in the works.  Hopefully they will be posted in the next week as well.  Thanks again to those who have recently added postings to the guest book, as well as the two visitors who have sent pictures and facts for Laurel Hill.  

Week of August 10, 2005 ...  the website hit counter has passed 500 visitors in two months -- pass the word!

Week of July 24, 2005 ...  Sideling Hill aerial photography page updated:  new annotations made on the pictures; Laurel Hill and Rays-Sideling bypass road maps posted; Cove Valley Service Plaza and Pump Station Road aerial photos annotated; work continues on the statistics pages for each of the bypassed tunnels - major work remaining.  More information on Laurel Hill tunnel has been received - working on another update ... some mysteries solved.

For sale: domain name.  E-mail webmaster for details.

Week of July 17, 2005 ...  working on the "statistics" pages for each tunnel (I have a lot of research to complete before they'll be posted); more FAQs included, based on recent questions that have surfaced; the Turnpike "in print" page added, spotlights several books written about the Turnpike and it's history; links to a family's bike trip down the old roadway posted -- great pictures and website; guest book works correctly now; off-site links (WikiMedia) added for all of the tunnels related to the PA Turnpike (including current, remodeled, abandoned, never used or never built tunnels); I received some Laurel Hill Tunnel information this week from a reputable source -- cannot share the source or exact details -- it will shed some light into the real present and former uses of the tunnel; Pittsburgh Post-Gazette included a story this week regarding the SAC's plans for the future of the Superhighway/Pike 2 Bike trail (NOTE:  the S.A.C. person I contacted said they are reserving commentary on the Gazette story until after their next meeting); and finally ... points now to this website, as it would have been too expensive each month to maintain and fund both sites.  

Week of July 10, 2005 ...  Improved guest book; Sideling Hill picture page uploaded; Ray's Hill picture page uploaded; Laurel Hill picture page uploaded (I need your help, pictures and links please!) complete with explanations, rumors, theories and facts about what may or may not be happening at that location; links posted to the S.A.C.'s website and other Internet users' websites (permissions granted for use) -- thank you all for help; topographical maps posted -- more annotations coming; aerial photography of the tunnels, old roadways and local landmarks posted; compliments of the Weather Channel, current weather conditions for Breezewood, PA are now dynamically posted.

My sister website: is now off-line.  Redirectors will be added this week to point visitors to that site over to Ray's

Week of July 3, 2005 ... Welcome to the new website!  The old website link still appears below if you'd like to see what it previously looked like.  This is my first-ever attempt at creating and using HTML frames and the programming associated with them.  Enjoy!  Updates will come probably once a week or as needed.

Part of this website is going to be dedicated to allowing visitors to the site to share their stories about visiting the abandoned PA Turnpike, including both abandoned sections, the tunnels (Laurel Hill, Ray's Hill and Sideling Hill), both recently and before they were open to public visits.  All submitted stories that are posted will have proper credit given to the author(s), as well as the ability to post stories anonymously.  

Please var name = "turnpike-stories";var domain = "";document.write('');document.write("Turnpike Stories" + '');" target="_top">click here to share your stories with us!    

Thank you much!   var name = "webmaster";var domain = "";document.write('');document.write("Webmaster" + '');"> 

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