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Buchanan State Forest


Bypassed Turnpike:

       (Tom's website)

Civilian Conservation
Corps Sideling Hill Camp

Clear Ridge Tunnel
The One The Builders
Forgot to Build

(NEW, UPDATED 1/20/06)

Cove Valley Service Plaza:


Eastern End of the 
Old Roadway:

Exit List

Includes the original turnpike, the western expansion and the northeastern extension.

General FAQ's


History of the Pennsylvania Turnpike - America's First Superhighway

In Print ... the Pennsylvania Turnpike

Interstate 70

    "Bike The Pike" 
                 Trips ...

Laurel Hill Tunnel:


Links to Outside Websites ... 

    (updated 11/16/05)

Official Pennsylvania Turnpike Website

Website - June 2005

Other Abandoned Portions
of the Original Turnpike ...

    Abandoned New Stanton         Interchange Ramps

 ( website)

Other Notable Tunnels
    (mostly off-site links):

Oregon Road

PIKE-2-BIKE/Abandoned Turnpike Trail Website


Pump Station Road

Ray's Hill Tunnel:


Sideling Hill Tunnel:


South Penn Railroad

Image courtesy of ... be sure to visit Russel's website ...
Image courtesy of: 

South Penn Railroad
    on the Tripod network

Southern Alleghenies Conservancy

File archive of the (NEW!)

S.A.C. "Pike-2-Bike Trail" (requires Adobe Acrobat):

State Route 915

State Route 1011
   (Tom's website)

Turnpike Stories

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U.S. Route 30
   (Tom's website)

U.S. Route 30
   (Jeff's website)

Weather Conditions for Breezewood, PA

Western End of 
the Old Roadway:

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