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Current Usage
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Concluding thoughts on the
current usage of Laurel Hill Tunnel ...

In both 2007 and 2010, links have been provided
by racing fans to this website.  In 2007, these links were
first published on this website, but the sources have moved.
In January 2010, I received an email with updated links.

You can find these updated links on the main page of this
website and also on the links at the bottom of this page.

Special thanks to the following people and sources who have shared
their stories, photographs, and knowledge with
in regards to the Laurel Hill Tunnel ...

Mitch Dakelman, Brendan Farley, Russell Love,
Corey Shaulis,
Ross Sieber,
Tony Stevens,
Nate Tobik ... the Library of Congress
and several anonymous sources.


Piecing together the mystery surrounding the Laurel Hill Tunnel and it's current usage has been very enjoyable and has brought a lot of people's work together.  This website, it's webmaster, and all who have visited and/or photographed the tunnel in recent years wish to remind you that the old right-of-way, the abandoned roadway, as well as the tunnel itself are private property

Hiking the area above the tunnel is legal.  Part of the area is within the Forbes State Forest and a hiking trail leads across it.  However, setting foot on private property (whether it be the Pennsylvania Turnpike or private residences on Laurel Hill), is illegal and can get you in trouble with the authorities.

This website also greatly frowns on the idea of visiting the eastern portal to seek out the racing team that is using the tunnel.  No one whose stories appear here, nor the website owner(s) have anything at all to do with the racing team.  We do not have autographs and cannot get them for you  :-)

Please be respective of the team's rights to privacy, as well as the residents of Laurel Hill and the Pennsylvania Turnpike's property.

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