Laurel Hill Tunnel's
Current Usage
Time to Solve the Mystery


Here is how my interest in the mystery got started ...

The email that follows is the result of my written inquiry to the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission regarding the usage of Laurel Hill Tunnel.  As you will read, I got nowhere in my inquiry.  In fact, the email was addressed to three other people in the "CC" column, in addition to myself.  It was most likely a form response.  It was clear that persistence would be key in obtaining this information and solving this mystery. 

4/13/2005 11:44:44 AM
Eastern Daylight Time

Dear Ray,

I am writing in response to your recent inquiry into touring abandoned turnpike tunnels.  In particular, you referenced the Laurel Hill, Ray's Hill and Sideling Hill tunnels. 

With regard to Ray's Hill and Sideling Hill, the Turnpike Commission transferred ownership of these tunnels to the Southern Alleghenies Conservancy for use in conjunction with a bike path operated by the organization.  I would suggest contacting them directly for details about Ray's and Sideling tunnels.  The organization's web site is  Their telephone number is (814) 623-7900.

Regarding the Laurel Hill tunnel, unfortunately the Commission cannot authorize entry onto the property at this time.

I hope this information is helpful to you.  Please feel free to contact the Commission customer service center with any further inquiries.

Jeanmarie R. Ward
Assistant Counsel
Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission

Western portal, Laurel Hill tunnel, 2003 ... closed off
Laurel Hill Tunnel - western portal, 2003.  This portal is visible
from the eastbound lanes of the current turnpike alignment.

An inquiry was also written to the
Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission by
Ross Sieber.

Mr. Sieber wrote an inquiry to the P.T.C. under the guidelines of the right-to-know act.  The reply he received to his inquiry follows his letter below.  He was not able to obtain any relevant information about the current usage of the Laurel Hill Tunnel in the reply he received.  Ross shares his email and reply with us here ...

Yes, by all means feel free to share the email and the photo links.

I did file a right to know request shortly after sending you that story and got a reply from them saying 
my request was too vague and some of the request wasn't public info.  Basically I tried to find out who 
the tenant is and what's going on.  I guess I need to play the game and get them to disclose the "who" 
before poking around at the "what."  

As soon as I come up with any additional information, I will be sure to let you know.


Ross Sieber's request to the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission
regarding the right-to-know laws and the current usage of the Laurel Hill Tunnel.

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