> May I link to your website and photos from my abandoned 
> PA Turnpike website?   With your permission, I would like to 
> include a link to your photo albums on my "links" page as 
> well as using a photo or two on my statistics/information 
> pages.  Any used photos will always include your name, 
> website address and a "used by permission" statement.
Please do, thanks for asking.

Dennis -- thank you much for your permission to post a link to your site and your pictures!    Ray

Hi Ray, they're on the Web for all to see.  Check the archives for the message where I posted the URL; I'm on my way out the door.  Feel free to link to them; however I'm going to be revamping and rearranging the site in the next few days (when I get Frank's pictures, probably) so will provide a new URL at that time.
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From: Webmaster @ Ray's []
Sent: Sunday, November 06, 2005 2:06 PM
To: Dennis *************
Subject: recent mention of pictures ...


Hello again.  This is Ray from the website.  I was wondering if you would consider sharing the pictures that you recent mentioned on the Yahoo groups mailing list with me ... either for my personal benefit or for posting on the website?   I am curious to see how close the old roadway is to the new roadway (if some 37 years still qualifies it as "new").  I know from the aerial photos on my website that the new alignment is close to the old one in several locations, including the crossing of the eastern portal of Sideling Hill Tunnel.

Any way ... if you would consider sharing those pictures that you mentioned with me, I would greatly appreciate it ... especially since time would not allow me to make a trip to the trail this summer from Cleveland.

Take care.
    Ray  :)

> Driving westbound on the turnpike, you can see the old alignment of 
> the turnpike on the left side just beyond milepost 174.  I have 
> pictures of this if you are interested.

Yes, please.

> You can see the old turnpike from rt 30 near the summit of Ray's 
> Hill.  I also have pictures (some I took today) I can send you.

Absolutely, Frank, please do.  I'd be honored to put them up on the Web.

Did you drive all the way from Ohio just to ride the P2B trail, Frank?
How long a drive was it for you?




Yes, by all means feel free to share the email and the photo links. I did
file a right to know request shortly after sending you that story and got a
reply from them saying my request was too vague and some of the request
wasn't public info. I can share the 2 page letter with anyone who cares
(and will probably throw scans in my galleries anyway). Basically I tried
to find out who the tenant is and what's going on. I guess I need to play
the game and get them to disclose the "who" before poking around at the

As soon as I come up with any additional information I will be sure to let
you know.

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Sent: Thursday, August 18, 2005 4:35 PM
To: Ross Sieber
Subject: Re: Laurel Hill tunnel info

Photos of the different tunnels as visited this year are at:

-Ross Sieber-
Info & links to all my sites at:





RE: permission to link to your website

Date: 7/9/2005 3:21:11 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Permission granted! I am going to check out your site as well!





Re: seeking permission to link to your website ...

Date: 7/8/2005 11:46:57 PM Eastern Daylight Time

{first paragraph not necessary to quote here}

... Yes I would greatly appreciate
another person linking to my web page. This winter
after I get all my tours done I will be remaking the
web page better adding new features such as photos of
actual letters i have been acquireing aas well as
better photos of the actual railroad sites. It will be
informative and with never before added information
that I knoew will be surprising for readers interested
in learnig about this railroad to read.

Thank You and Oh! by the way what is your web page so
that I may review it?

Thanks for your time, Russ, owner of the South Pennsylvania Railroad web page. We strive to locate every possible site related to the surveyed route of the abandoned South Pennsylvania Railroad route.

No other railroads researched. Only the South Penn


Hi Ray!!


You’re more than welcome to add a link to my PA TPK page on your website.


I’ll put one up for your page as well… the next time I do an update.



Corey Dukes



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Sent: Wednesday, July 06, 2005 11:13 PM
Subject: seeking permission to link to your website


Dear Webmaster:


I have recently started a website dedicated to the abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike and the tunnels and roadway associated with it.  I like your website a lot and would like your permission to link to your website from mine. 


Thank you for your time.



Cleveland, OH



Subject: Re: new abandoned PA turnpike website -- can you help?
Date: 6/25/2005 9:24:54 AM Eastern Daylight Time
Sent from the Internet (Details)


Most of my stuff is already up there "Breezewood In The Fall" and "New Stanton Ramps". If you like the abandoned stuff, don't forget to visit New Stanton. The ghost ramps are fascinating.




   RE: new abandoned PA turnpike website -- can you help?

Date:    6/24/2005 11:19:26 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From:    var name = "webmaster";var domain = "";document.write('');document.write("Webmaster" + ''); href="">
You can link to my abandoned Turnpike and PA Turnpike pages.

Jeff Kitsko
Pennsylvania Highways:
Ohio Highways:

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you. At this time, I really don't want to commit to writing or maintaining anything...I have enough trouble keeping up with the sites I'm already trying to do!
I checked out your site. I found it very interesting. I have no problem if you want to link to anything that I have that you think fits.


Jon Hoover
Please visit our on-line photo album at

Date: Fri, 1 Jul 2005 21:49:44 EDT
Subject: comments on Bike Hike #2 and a few questions for you ... thanks!

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