August 2014:

I was emailed this file a few months ago.  Having lost my email completely, I do not recall who sent this to me.  Thank you to the person who provided this file to me.  If enacted as planned, this could be a very important opportunity for the abandoned turnpike's redevelopment and future maintenance. 

 Pike2Bike Report

Important note:  the website and domain name "" belongs to someone else now.  This person is completely unknown to me.  I am currently updating this website to remove any links to the old domain name.  There are many e-mail address links on this website that will need updating.  If you need to contact the webmaster, please do so at "webmaster [at] abandonedturnpike [dot] com".  Any and all emails sent to an e-mail address on "" will basically be lost in space.  The domain name expired, so any email addresses and website addresses associated with the domain just disappeared.  If you have sent messages recently and they have not been acknowledged, please send them again to the new webmaster address.  Thank you.

April 2014:

This website continues to be a source of information about the abandoned turnpike areas and the old tunnels.  There has been no new developments (sadly) since my last update almost two years ago now.  If anyone out there knows anything further about who owns the abandoned turnpike and tunnels in the Breezewood area now or who is actually in charge of getting any progress made, please email the webmaster with details.  Two of the groups who were working on the project no longer have updated or functional websites.  Several email requests from the webmaster to people who might be in the know remain unanswered. 

A special word of thanks for the website sponsors whose links have defrayed much of the cost of maintaining and keeping this website online for the past two years.  As always, if you are interested in placing an ad on the main page or an "in-line text link", please email the webmaster.

When any further news is released, I will update this website.  In the meantime, please continue to enjoy your visit on this website, as well as the abandoned roadway.

We send our condolences to the family of John Bibber, who has contributed information to this website, as well as other websites ( on the Internet.  Sadly, John passed away on October 6, 2012. He was 36 years old.

(submitted by Kathy Bibber and published with permission)


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May 2012:

I have left our website running in auto-pilot for a long time now.  There have been updates though, now and then, but I haven't had anything new or exciting to add for a while.  Very few things have changed in the Breezewood area as far as the abandoned turnpike and tunnels go.  The movie "The Road" was filmed at Sideling Hill and the tunnel portal is visible in the movie.  Otherwise, things have remained quiet in the area.  It is currently unclear on the Internet as to who actually owns the property and whether or not the Southern Alleghenies Conservancy group still has anything to do with the old roadway and the tunnels.  I was contacted by a representative of the SAC and told that they are still working on the project.  However, their website makes no mention any longer of the old turnpike.  If you have any information, please send me a message so that I may update the website to reflect the most current information.

September 2010:

Wow!  I have been gone from this website for nearly two years!   I decided to open up my FrontPage software and rebuild parts of the website.  All references to "" have been updated to   I can use your help of course -- if you see the links published wrong out there on the Internet, please help me inform websites that the links have been updated. 

Not a lot has happened in the past two years with respect to the abandoned turnpike section and tunnels near Breezewood, PA.  In fact, Bedford County and the ownership of the area are still working things out for possible grant money and upgrades.  The Southern Alleghenies Conservancy group has disappeared completely -- no forwarding information or contact information can be found.  E-mails I have sent to groups in the area who might know about their status have been never been replied to.

While I don't have a lot of new information to add to our website, I am making some much-needed repairs to broken links and HTML coding, as well as some cosmetic updates to some of the pages.  Please bear with me on this, as the task is tricky at times.  I am just an amateur website operator with only unpaid-on-the-job training as a webmaster.   Since I live over four hours away from the tunnels and Breezewood, I do not know when I can make a trip there.  If any of you get there before I can get there, please feel free to send emails and photos.  I would love to include current photos on the website.

Business sponsors are still welcome to talk to me about helping to defray some of the expense of hosting this website and maintaining the domain names.  The sponsors from 2006 through 2010 greatly reduced the expense of this website, almost to the break-even point.   Talk to me if you're interested.

Take care everyone.  I am working on adding this website to, so that might add even more visitors.

If you have any information about the Southern Alleghenies Conservancy, Bedford County, or any authority who may be working to improve the area outside Breezewood, please let me know.

Here's to many blessings in 2010-2011  ...   Ray

May 2008:

Just wanted to post a message here to let you know that your webmaster is still alive and has not fallen off the face of the earth.  I recently bought a house and it will be keeping me really busy with the fix-ups and repairs that come with buying a house.  It's not a fancy house and it needs a lot of updating, but like most things in life, it is an answered prayer and a blessing.  No doubt, I will be learning a lot of new things about woodworking tools and basic household maintenance that I never knew before.  While there most likely will not be any website updates this summer, please know that we are still accepting stories, pictures, videos and any submissions for use on the website. 

It has been mentioned in recent messages to our website that the Pike 2 Bike organization and the Southern Alleghenies Conservancy groups are working on obtaining funding for the turnpike trail by having Fulton County take over the ownership of the property.  This allegedly will give the trail a much better chance of obtaining grant and funding monies needed. 

An auto racing magazine has done a full story on the usage of the eastern portal storage area of Laurel Hill Tunnel and the tunnel itself.  You'll find this story link under the "Confirming the Rumors" box in the left panel. 

Sean Dalton, a visitor to the website recently, sent along the following idea that he has as a theory to the mysterious "X" in the hills to the east of Laurel Hill Tunnel, across the current turnpike routing ...

It looks to me like the area was used as a target for practicing drops from water bombers or dip-bucket helicopters. The idea, obviously, is to hit the "X" with the water while flying over. The area looks darker because it has gotten more "rain" than the surrounding area, and the plants are healthier. There are a few areas like this is Wayne National Forest in Ohio from the same thing, albeit without the large "X"s left behind, they must use plastic markers here or something similar.  --- SEAN

Joe, another visitor to our website offered this video link of some folks going to a lot of trouble to visit the eastern side of Laurel Hill Tunnel.  Please remember, this website does not condone trespassing on any part of Laurel Hill Tunnel ...

He went on to add the following message to our website ...

Hey Ray,

I was checking around on YouTube and apparently within the last 10 days or so, two new videos surfaced on relating to the abandoned turnpike/abandoned tunnels.
The first video is a 10 minute look at the abandoned turnpike as part of the Museum of America.  It is a nice little documentary showing some cool black and white footage as well as providing a condensed history of how the section was abandoned.
Here is something you will be especially interested in.  It is a knowledgeable viewer who shows us the location and current condition of the Quemahoning tunnel.  Very cool.
I just found this clip while composing this email and it looks like as of a month ago there was another turnpike post running about 10 minutes that shows the abandoned tunnels.  Again its a quick introduction that skims over the basics, but the film is cool cause it was shot in 2002 and features the Laurel Hill tunnel before NASCAR occupancy.  They also show inside Ray or Sideling Hill and inside the control rooms/stairwells.  I forget which tunnel they said they were in.
Only other tidbit is apparently a Hollywood film recently used the tunnels and turnpike roadway to film a crash scene for an upcoming movie.  I was sent some pictures of the "set" but am currently evaluating the accuracy of the shots.
- Joe

(Thank you, Joe, for all of your help in finding these videos!)

Part of this website is going to be dedicated to allowing visitors to the site to share their stories about visiting the abandoned PA Turnpike, including both abandoned sections, the tunnels (Laurel Hill, Ray's Hill and Sideling Hill), both recently and before they were open to public visits.  All submitted stories that are posted will have proper credit given to the author(s) and photographer(s), as well as the ability to post stories anonymously.  

Please to share your stories with us!    

Thank you much!   . 

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