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Cove Valley Service Plaza
Abandoned and Torn Down after 1968

When the turnpike commission made the decision to bypass the Ray's Hill and Sideling Hill tunnels in the early 1960s, they also abandoned and later removed the Cove Valley Service Plaza.  This plaza was located just east of the Sideling Hill Tunnel near then-mile marker 171 and serviced the westbound traffic.  Gasoline, restrooms and food were available at this rest stop. 

Nothing but asphalt remains of the old Cove Valley Service Plaza now.  The Pennsylvania T-Troop police used the old parking area for target practice for a number of years.  Now, the only use of the area is for entrance to the abandoned turnpike roadway.  An access road leads to the area from off Pumping Station Road.  Blockades prohibit vehicular access to the trail beyond the parking area. 

With the closure of the service plaza in 1968, the turnpike opened a new service plaza not far from Cove Valley.  The Sideling Hill Service Plaza operates now up on the hill where the newer routing of the turnpike crosses. 

Nothing remains of the Cove Valley Service Plaza now.  Westbound turnpike travels used to stop here.

The same place, shown from a different angle.

A view of the access road that formerly was used by service staff to reach the plaza.
More than likely, this will someday serve as an access road to reach the proposed trailhead.
Photo used courtesy of Yahoo! groups.

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